Welcome to the Southern California Cruiser Association Website

You are visiting our website because:

  • You are wondering how people race logs
  • You want to make new friends interested in boating
  • You want to enjoy boating with old friends
  • You want to use your boat for something besides a place to sit and watch the world go by
  • You want to learn more about your boat
  • You want to learn more about navigation
  • You want to compete with your boat

    Other than the first one), all good reasons to visit. You know that we don't really race logs, right?

We "log racers" are a pretty social bunch. We have heard that many of our members participate in predicted log regattas just for the social gatherings that inevitably follow a race. We think they secretly enjoy using their boats and competing, though.

Our members range in age from 20 something to almost 90 something, and all share a love of the water, and enjoy meeting new people with similar interests.