2020 SCCA Contest Information and Schedule

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Spring Series

Date Contest Name Host Location Brugman ?
Mar 7 Season Opener LBYC LB Yes
Apr 3 Easter Catalina HYC LB/Avalon Yes
Apr 24 Marina Cup CBYC LB/MDR No
Apr 25 Pritikin DRYC SM Bay Yes
June 5 Sharkie SYC LB/Newport No
June 6 BCYC Inv. BCYC Newport Yes

The Craig Contests

Date Contest Name Host Location Brugman ?

Whit Shaffer
July 10 Craig-Donaldson LBYC LB/Oceanside No
July 11 Craig-Corredores SCCA Oceanside/SD No
July 11 Craig Overall LBYC

Fall Series

Date Contest Name Host Location Brugman ?
Aug 21 Jack Kahlo Memorial HYC Long Beach/Cat. W. End No
Aug 21 Del Mar DRYC Cat. W. End/Cat Harbor Yes
Sept 18 Tom Scott Memorial SYC LB/Isthmus No
Sept 19 Ramsey CIYC Isthmus/Avalon Yes
Oct 10 Season Closer HHYC Long Beach Yes

*Skipper may score points from one contest only

Regional / National

Date Contest Name Location
Feb 15?Mid-Winter Tune-UpLB Harbor Area
Jun ?Barusch/Castagna?
Sept 23-26North American Invitational Chicago YC, Illinois